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I set up the access policies for web access, and I configured the browsers. Navigator 4.75 asks for authentication (User Name/Pwd) and then locks up, or eventually gives a memory error. What can I do to fix this?


This is caused by integrated authentication of ISA. In the ISA MMC, go to the ISA computer name and right click. Select property and click on the outgoing web request tab. In there you can see check box for integrated security.

1) You can uncheck this and there will be no authentication but then you would not know who is using what service as in the log it would show the user as anonymous and not able to control user access by their user name.

2) You can leave the integrated security checked and also check the basic authentication. This should provide you the control and access to all other browser. Remember that only IE 3.x and above support integrated NTCR authentication.

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