How to run a report on today’s usage and logs

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Is it possible to run a report on today’s usage and logs? I just tried to get a report run for today. I set the report generation to immediate, set the period to today. The report appears to have been generated successfully (status 0) but when I try to open the report up under the Monitoring/Reports/Whatever container, The cursor just briefly turns into an hourglass and nothing happens. I try to save the report to the hard drive. I go thru the Save As dialog box, but no file gets generated.


The reports are based on “log summaries” which are derived from the logs. In the Monitoring Configuration/Logs folder, you right click on the Logs folder, go to Properties, and then click on the Log Summaries tab, and make sure the “Enable daily and monthly summaries” is enabled.
Even though the logs are updated throughout the day, the log summaries are created at 1230AM each day. Wait until after 1230AM and then try to create the report again.
Check the \Microsoft ISA Server\ISASummaries folder to see the list of summaries that have been created.

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