It’s Not the ISA Firewall’s Fault – Example 9,998,937

When an ISA firewall is in the mix, it often seems that all sense is thrown to the wind when it comes to network troubleshooting. When there’s an Internet connectivity problem, the fingers quickly point to the ISA firewall.

Why’s this the case? My guess is the firewall becomes the “fall guy” because a lot of admins don’t understand how it works, and so if he doesn’t understand how it works, and if he doesn’t understand what the Internet connectivity issue is, then the firewall and the connectivity problem have something in common — he doesn’t understand either one 🙂

This is a common affliction among “hardware” firewall guys who are looking to replace the ISA firewall with a higher margin “hardware firewall.

In a recent blog post, Yuri Diogenes points out a common Internet connectivity problem that generates the worthless Error Code 64: Host not available

Check out Yuri’s article at



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