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CloudComputingAdmin.com newsletter – Why Consumers and Businesses Still Don’t Quite Trust the Cloud – The cloud is here, and it’s getting better all the time. Providers have addressed the security issue to the satisfaction of most users. Also in the newsletter, find Announcements & News: What’s Happening in the Cloud, CloudComputingAdmin Articles of Interest, Cloud Admin Tip of the Month, CloudComputingAdmin Links of the Month, and Cloud Q & A.

WindowsNetworking.com newsletter – Planning for Failure – Having a plan makes the prospect of failure less scary and frees you to focus on getting the job done. Also in the newsletter, find WindowsNetworking.com Articles of Interest, Administrator KB Tip of the Month, Windows Networking Tip of the Month, and Windows Networking Links of the Month plus the opportunity to ask the author a question!

VirtualizationAdmin.com newsletter – The scale-out wars are among us – Scale-out storage is becoming a new religion in Silicon Valley with several companies clamoring to tell us why they’re the best. Also in the newsletter, find White Paper of the Month, VirtualizationAdmin.com Articles of Interest, Solutions of the Month, Free tool of the month, and Helpful Links plus the opportunity to ask the author a question!

MSExchange.org newsletter – The New Groups Feature Set in Office 365 – The new feature set is known as “Groups” and the intention with it is to empower end users to come together and get stuff done. Also in the newsletter, find MSExchange.org Learning Zone Articles of Interest, KB Articles of the Month, and MSExchange.org News of the Month plus the opportunity to ask the author a question!

WindowSecurity.com newsletter – Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) – Planning and implementing a PKI is not a trivial task. With careful planning and consideration, it can be go a long way to securing access to sensitive corporate resources. Also in the newsletter, find Microsoft Security Bulletins, Windows Security Articles of Interest, WindowSecurity.com Articles of Interest, and Windows Security Tip of the Month.

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