Managing and Monitoring Cisco ACI Book Sprint

I’m really excited to share that I’ve been invited to participate in my first book sprint all about the “day 2” operations surrounding Cisco Application Center Infrastructure (ACI). A book sprint is when a group of subject matter experts get together and write a book in 3-5 days.  I’m not completely sure what to expect, but next week I’ll be fllying out to San Jose, CA and spending five days locked in a room with some really smart folks. Members of Cisco’s advanced engineers will be coming together to go from zero to published book in about a week.

It may sound like an impossible feat, but this isn’t the first sprint held by the ACI team. They recently produced a Cisco ACI Troubleshooting book using book sprint methodology and it turned out to be an extremely high quality project. This isn’t just a hard copy book, or an e-book (though both of those are available), it will turn into an entire project of ACI troubleshooting tools that will be easily navigated so you can either read the whole thing or find your specific answers immediately. One of the locations where it’s being updated is on GitHub:


 photo marksnow.jpg


We plan on doing similar things with the Managing and Monitoring Cisco ACI book. If you have any questions or opinions on things that should be included in the book please tweet me @malhoit or leave a comment below. I’ll be back to let you know how it went in a couple weeks!

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