Messaging and Security Feature Pack (MSFP) included in latest Treo 700w update

The Palm® Treo™ 700w Updater 1.10 for Verizon Wireless includes the following enhancements for your smartphone:

  • Includes Microsoft®’s Messaging and Security Feature Pack (MSFP) with Direct Push Technology¹ for automatic wireless synchronization of email, calendar, contacts and, now, tasks²
  • Enhances email capabilities for more support of push email solutions, such as WirelessSync and GoodLink™, and of synchronization capabilities, such as the ability to maintain an “always on” data connection after POP or IMAP email synchronization and the ability to auto-synchronize all email accounts based on user setting².
  • Updated memory management
  • Pictures and Videos enhancements
  • New Wireless Manager provides an updated interface for turning wireless radios on and off on your 700w smartphone

1 – Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 2 (SP2) upgrade required for Direct Push Technology.
2 – Within wireless coverage area only. Email and web require data services from a mobile service provider at an additional cost. ISP and/or VPN may also be required.

Get the update here.

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