Microsoft, OSST, and ThinPrint present a plug-and-play hardware appliance for connecting remote offices

(Mallorca, January 16, 2007) Companies want to connect their remote offices securely, simply, with optimized bandwidth, and with as little administrative overhead as possible. A plug-and-play solution with a hitherto unique function spectrum is offered by the “SecureGUARD Microsoft ISA Server 2006 ISA90″ hardware appliance, which Microsoft, OSST GmbH, and ThinPrint unveiled today at the ThinPrint International Channel Conference on Mallorca. The solution, developed in cooperation with and manufactured by OSST, combines the advantages of a hardware appliance with the functions of the ISA server 2006 and the print management of ThinPrint .print. This creates a branch office appliance which in addition to firewall, VPN, and security services, also offers traffic optimizing, DRIVER FREE PRINTING, and total management of the printers in the remote offices. Plus, the appliance optimizes the WAN (Wide Area Network) with web caching and by reducing print data volume up to 99%.

The Branch Office Box is produced by the experts at OSST GmbH, who have drawn on their many years of experience in the production of Windows and Linux appliances to create the simple, completely web based management of the entire range of functions. The appliance can therefore be administered completely remotely from the data center. In addition to the appliance, the only hardware needed to connect a branch office with the data center are desktop workstations – whether PCs or thin clients – and printers.

“The new ISA90 appliance shows that Windows as an appliance operating system can score high marks with extensive functionality. It represents a fully fledged print server that, thanks to .print, is also optimally connected to the data center,” explains Dirk Steiner, Senior Security Solution Specialist at Microsoft Deutschland GmbH. “An appliance with a comparable range of functions has never been available on the market in this form before.”

The appliance is sold at a price of around 2600 euros. It´s available worldwide from the OSST and the ThinPrint partner network.

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