“Microsoft Virtualization for VMware Professionals” Jump Start

I’m a huge fan of VMware, but also use Hyper-V, but currently, only in my lab.  At work, we’re ESX all the way.  However, that might not always be the case.  As Microsoft improves Hyper-V, it will get more and more difficult to justify the cost differential. For these “switchers” Microsoft has created a video series. Entitled the “Microsoft Virtualization for VMware Professionals” Jump Start series, the series covers general virtualization, deployment options, high availability, management via System Center, VDI and application delivery.  It’s a pretty good series whether you’re a Hyper-V administrator, a VMware administrator or just want to know more about Hyper-V.  I would like to see a bit more slide and a bit less face, but the content is helpful. Here is a complete list of the videos that are a part of the series:

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