MOM 2005 SLA Scorecard for Exchange

Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 SLA Scorecard for Exchange provides an automated mechanism for setting, reporting, and trending performance against service level agreements (SLAs) on Exchange.

The Microsoft® Operations Manager (MOM) 2005 SLA Scorecard for Exchange provides you with an executive dashboard to measure and trend service availability and workloads across multiple server roles in an Exchange Server messaging environment. This solution also enables you to define desired service levels and identify the cause of service outages.

With the SLA Scorecard, you can configure service level agreement (SLA) targets by server role. It uses aggregated MOM 2005 data to compare actual availability to SLA targets that you have defined. You can view the data as trends by week, month, and year. You can also export service outage details to Microsoft Office Excel® for detailed analysis.

In addition to reports, several performance and activity measures provide you with detail about messaging infrastructure activity and use. Correlating this data with availability data helps you determine the causes behind SLA targets that aren’t achieved. With this information in hand, you can fine-tune your infrastructure components to more effectively achieve the SLA target. Similar to the availability metrics, each measure can be reported as a trend by week, month, or year.

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