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Getting Ready to Upgrade to Exchange 2013

This month Henrik talks about the deployment of Exchange 2013 in an existing Exchange-based messaging environment.

The tablets are coming! The tablets are coming!

In her February’s newsletter, Deb talks about tablets in corporate IT and reminds us that tablets will come to dominate the corporate IT as one time Bill Gates predicted.

Which Antivirus Has The Best Phishing Protection? Surprise!

In his newsletter, Stu summaries a research report prepared by NSS labs about twelve antivirus engines which were tested against phishing attacks. Did you ever expect that our IT networks would be a worldwide battleground for highly sophisticated cyber warfare?

VMware and Microsoft VSS: What You Need to Know

Scott’s thoughts for this month are about VMware VMX configuration files and VSS providers for both Microsoft and VMware hypervisors.

BYOD, the Cloud and TMG Firewalls

Deb details some important features of UAG that you might want to consider to provide that level of granular access control to applications that you publish for users who are using unmanaged devices.

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