More Cyber attacks

In a span of one week, two major European cyber security centers were hacked and confidential data was stolen from the national authorities. These incidents raise many questions but the most worrying fact is that two major European top entities delegated with the role of securing confidential data in their respective countries were not prepared and not well organized at times when cyber criminality is at its best! In one incident where the attackers are identified as schoolboys managed to break into federal police servers. Is it the case that the supposedly secure servers are handled by inexperienced staff? While we see a continuous effort from all parts of globe in the fight against cyber criminals, these events warns us that we are still lacking some basics as regards to cyber security. Apparently the motives of the attacks are not yet confirmed but the reports show the events are related to national issues and this widens the threat space that governments and national authorities face on a daily basis!

To read more about the attack on the German national cyber security center go here and for the attack on Italy’s critical IT infrastructure center go here.

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