NetApp loses big name in Flashray project

Brian Pawlowski who was until recently an SVP at NetApp recently joined the Pure team. Pawlowski was knows as being part of the main senior leadership for NetApp’s FlashRay project. Which I believe is their first foray into something besides ONTAP, concentraiting on, of course, flash.

While I was on the In Tech We Trust Podcast we discussed this newstory and whether it really was newsworthy. I expressed that I really don’t think it’s that interesting when someone leaves one vendor to go to another. Often the move is better for them, and likely it’s due to what they’re receiving in return. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying everyone is in it for the money, but if you get to go do more IT that you’re passionate about, make a little more money, and learn something new…you can’t blame a person for giving it a try. What are your thoughts?

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