New update for all PostgreSQL versions

The PostgreSQL Global Development Group today released minor versions updating all releases from 8.2 back to 7.3. Users are urged to upgrade at the earliest opportunity.

Releases 8.1.6 and 8.2.1 fix a number of error issues with versions 8.1 and 8.2, including several issues that can cause unexpected aborts in 8.2. Further, all versions have been updated for the new Australian and Canadian daylight-saving time rules. See the release notes for further information.

Source code and Windows and Red Hat binaries can be downloaded from the download page. Binaries for other operating systems will be distributed by their respective vendors.

Dump and reload is not necessary for users staying with the same major version, but see the 7.4.2 release notes if you are using versions 7.4.0 or 7.4.1. The versions released are: 8.2.1, 8.1.6, 8.0.10, 7.4.15 and 7.3.17.

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