New version of GFI MailArchiver: a cost-effective solution to email management problems

London, UK, 15 November 2007 – The new version of GFI MailArchiver for Exchange, an email management and archiving solution, is being released today. GFI MailArchiver 5 ships with auditing functionality that ensures that all archived emails have not been tampered with and a PST migration tool which provides access to old PST files on client machines. GFI MailArchiver archives all company email, reduces dependency on troublesome PST files, permits employees to access old and deleted emails at any time and from any location and helps companies meet eDiscovery and legal compliance requirements.

Companies’ dependency on email to do business is one of the main reasons for the huge growth experienced in the email archiving market over the past two years. According to Osterman Research, 75% of US companies are expected to be using some form of archiving solution by 2008, up from 20% in 2005, while analyst house Gartner forecasts the email archiving market to grow to $921m by 2010.

“The new version of GFI MailArchiver has been designed to meet the requirements of our clients and to strengthen our position in a market that is growing at a very fast pace as more companies are seeing the importance of having an email management and archiving solution. With over 10,000 satisfied customers, GFI MailArchiver is one of the leading email archiving products on the market and ships at a price that is perfectly suited for SMB budgets,” David Vella, Director of Product Management at GFI, said.

The high dependency on email in companies brings with it various problems. Storage, backups and problematic PST files are a few of the network administrator’s worries. Employees want access to their mail at any time and from any location, and the ability to retrieve email they may have in old PST files. Management or the legal team, on the other hand, will require a secure store of all company emails for discovery and accountability purposes.

Company-wide benefits
Meeting all these requirements calls for a solution like GFI MailArchiver that is easy to install, requires very little administrative effort, offers excellent price performance and benefits that can be seen at all levels in the company.

Using GFI MailArchiver network administrators avoid the pains of PST file management because it reduces the company’s dependency on these files. Since all email is stored in a central location that is easily accessible using a web browser, PST issues are greatly reduced. Furthermore, GFI MailArchiver’s new PST migration tool ensures access to emails stored in old PST files on users’ machines. GFI MailArchiver also natively integrates with Microsoft Exchange 2007 and supports 64-bit Microsoft operating systems (OS).

From an end-user perspective, one can access all their email from anywhere in the world using a web browser, retrieve old and deleted emails on demand – with full thread and conversation – and use advanced email search and ‘Saved Search’ capabilities.

eDiscovery and compliance
From a management point of view, they will have a complete and secure archive of all their company’s email as well as access, if required, to individual mailboxes for discovery and compliance purposes, internal inquiries or employee monitoring. Furthermore, GFI MailArchiver provides quick access to documentation that may be needed to safeguard the company in customer lawsuits. In the event of a lawsuit, the new auditing functionality guarantees that stored emails are genuine and have not been tampered with at any stage.

Case study: Quantum Marine Engineering uses GFI MailArchiver to resolve customer complaint and avoid legal repercussions. Read the full case study here.

For more information on GFI MailArchiver please visit: Pricing starts at 675 USD for 25 mailboxes. More pricing options are available at To order customers may use the online order form or order via one of GFI’s authorized distributors and resellers.

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