Notes from the field – Part III: free third party tools

In a previous post, Notes from the field – migration tools, I mentioned that Microsoft provides all the tools you’ll need in order to achieve a successful inter-forest migration.

Well, there’s no way that these tools could cover all the aspects involved, so one solution is to use scripting. But since I prefer to do things with the least effort possible, I like to first investigate a little bit in order to find some better solution for my challenges.

During one of these searches, a colleague of mine, fellow MVP Alexandre Janeiro, found 2 cool tools, AdFind and AdMod, developed by Joe, a Microsoft MVP for Windows Server Directory Services.

  • AdFind – Command line Active Directory query tool. Mixture of ldapsearch, search.vbs, ldp, dsquery, and dsget tools with a ton of other cool features thrown in for good measure.
  • AdMod – Command line Active Directory modification tool. This is the natural extension to AdFind. I just took a long time to put it together. I was primarily prompted by dsmod,dsmove,dsrm.exe not being what I wanted them to be when I wanted them to be.

In my particular situation, I used these tools to remove the smtp proxyaddresses of the old domain. Here is the complete command line I used:

adfind -default -rb ou=MIGRATION -f “(proxyaddresses=smtp:*” -mvfilter [email protected] proxyaddresses -adcsv | admod proxyaddresses:-:{{proxyaddresses}} -unsafe

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