NSA Guidelines for Home Security

Who should know computer security better than the National Security Agency (NSA)? But you might have thought they were only concerned with big corporate networks and government systems. Think again. Now the agency has issued a set of best practices for keeping a home network secure – and the number one recommendation is to migrate to Windows 7 or Vista if you’re still running Windows XP. That doesn’t mean the NSA is pushing Microsoft technologies, though, as another recommendation is to use a third-party web browser that supports sandboxing.  There are also tips for security OS X and mobile devices.

It’s an easy 7 page read, and provides a good checklist for those who are concerned about protecting their systems and data from attack (and these days, that should be just about everybody).  Since there’s a good chance that your employees do at least some of their work on their home networks and/or personally owned mobile devices, it makes sense to help them arm themselves with as much knowledge as possible.

Download the paper in PDF format here:


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