Office 365: How and when to decommission Exchange Hybrid

One of the more attractive options for getting a company to Exchange Online is to use the hybrid deployment approach described in Plan an Exchange Online hybrid deployment in Office 365. This is the only option that allows you to easily on-board and off-board mailboxes (all other native options are on-board only).

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1 thought on “Office 365: How and when to decommission Exchange Hybrid”

  1. Hello,

    I have completed migrating my organization to O365, no remaining mailboxes are on premise, DNS/MX has ben moved to O365, and the on-premise mail servers are no longer used for mail flow.

    What is a reason to hold onto the hybrid configuration at this point?

    Can I remove the hybrid configuration, but continue to use the on-premise exchange server ECP to manage my synced users?

    Do I need hybrid configuration if I don't need coexistence any more?

    Are there any scenarios I am not thinking about if the hybrid configuration is removed, but I keep exchange server and AD sync connected?

    I am assuming I can use on prem ECP to edit mailbox and user properties, and AD sync to sync them to O365, and don't see why I need the hybrid objects any more?

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