Office 365: Local Mailbox Moves – I didn’t start any damn mailbox moves!

First, let me start by saying the is completely normal behaviour for customers that have migrated some or all mailboxes to Exchange Online part of the Office 365 service.

The reason why they appear as local move requests is because it’s move requests created in Exchange Online in order to move mailboxes between databases within the datacenters in a given region (US, Europe, APAC).

One of the primary reasons why this is part of the regular internal maintenance performed by the Office 365 operations is in order to spread the load across the available Exchange servers.

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Henrik Walther

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1 thought on “Office 365: Local Mailbox Moves – I didn’t start any damn mailbox moves!”

  1. Hi Henrik,

    If this was done remotely, should it be showing in the Exchange Console?
    Also, does this have any sort of impact on the throughput/throttling for the customer as we are (hypothetically) migrating 100 mailboxes later tonight and don't want to be impacted by Microsoft moving mailboxes around from our tenant?


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