OpenStack Summit Keynote 2015 with Jonathan Bryce

Jonathan Bryce, the Executive Director of the OpenStack Foundation gave the first keynot at OpenStack Summit 2015 in Vancouver.  Among the initial grocery list of offerings Bryce mentioned the Women of OpenStack initiative with a few sessions and events geared towards improving the diversity issues within IT.

We then got into the content portion of the keynote.

OpenStack will be rolling out and requiring common code and APIs for all versions of OpenStack. They will all need to have the same interoperability tests. When you see the OpenStack Powered logo, you can be ensured that that version of OpenStack has been validated. You can find what’s currently going on with that here.

OpenStack Demo with Digital Film Tree

We then talked about how OpenStack can help us in various use cases. The use case they concentrated on is the company DigitalFilm Tree who makes TV shows and movies. They are using Federated Identity offered by OpenStack. For every 44 minutes of show (not counting ads) we have 216,000 minutes of film. We may also have this film distributed throughout geographically depending on filming. The editors cut that down to about 60 minutes after viewing dailies, the directors wittle it down a few minutes more, and finally producers cut a few minutes to get it studio ready. So, this presents three challenges:

  • Multiple regions
  • Multiple clouds (which aren’t all connected)
  • Physical Migrations

OpenStack is able to solve these problems by providing a layer on top of multiple disconnected clouds across multiple regions, and even perform physical migrations because we’re using OpenStack for everything. Guillaume Aubochon, CTO & Managing Partner of DigitalFilm Tree said making shows like Unreal wouldn’t be possible without some sort of OpenStack federation. Before OpenStack they needed to use some sort of courier service or some PA would have to hop on a plane and ship the data to LA from Vancouver, in case you were wondering.












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