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As with previous versions of Exchange, Outlook Web App [OWA] in Exchange 2013 and the new Office 365 comes in two flavors:

  • OWA Premium: available in computers, tablets and phone optimized UI. Desktops must be using Internet Explorer 8+ and newer versions of Safari, Chrome and Firefox. As for tablets and phones, the supported versions are (for now) Windows 8 tablets, iOS6 on iPad2+ and iPhone 4+. Although not supported, the new OWA UI works just fine on recent Android mobile phones and tablets;
  • OWA Light: this is what users get on any browser not supported with OWA Premium. It uses a very simple HTML4 based UI which works in pretty much any browser in existence and remains the same as with the previous release of Exchange/OWA. A special note to say that IE7 now gets OWA Light as well…

OWA Premium has three different views:

  • The traditional Desktop view with a 3-columns mouse-based UI;
  • The Table view with a 2-columns touch UI also known as twide;
  • The Phone view with a 1-column touch UI also known as tnarrow.

Even if you do not have a tablet or a phone to test how these two different views look like, you can easily use your desktop browser to emulate them. To do so, use the following URLs:

  • https://<FQDN>/owa/?layout=twide
  • https://<FQDN>/owa/?layout=tnarrow

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