PCoIP terminals: What’s your experience?

There are a lot of PCoIP terminals available out there that work very well with VMware View. I’ve been personally testing a couple of different units, but the price per unit is still a bit higher than I’d like to see; for the price of a PCoIP terminal plus a 22″ monitor, I can get a full blown PC and monitor.

Obviously, a terminal has some serious advantages over a PC. First of all, a terminal will use much less power than a full PC, so there is energy savings to be had that can, when included in cost calculations, bring down the cost of the terminal. Further, with no moving parts a terminal should have a much longer life than a PC, so an annualized cost of ownership calculation will yield better results.

I’ve tested Samsung’s all-in-one NC240 terminal, which combines a PCoIP terminal and 24″ monitor into one single package. Samsung also makes a 19″ version, the NC190. The NC240 carries a list price of $599.99, and the NC190, $509.99. I’ve seen the NC240 for as little as $540 and the NC190 for as low as $475.

I also ordered a PCoIP-based Dell FX100 terminal, which I was able to procure for less than $390 and was told that I would likely be able to get much better pricing in volume. I have yet to test the FX100, but it sports dual DVI outputs and “feels” like a solid unit.

What PCoIP terminals have you tried? What kinds of results did you get? Ideally, I’d like to be able to find a PCoIP terminal in the $300 and lower range.

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