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Here’s a tool that can be very useful when analyzing the performance of your TMG firewalls. The new tool includes:

  • New Threshold File: René Alejandro Villeda Ruz was kind enough to translate the Quick System Overview threshold file to Spanish. English counter logs must still be used, but the report is in Spanish.
  • Unexpected prompt: When using PAL, some users are prompted to confirm file and directory deletions. Fixed by using -Recurse. Thank you to Mike Ferencak.
  • Threshold File Update: The SQL Server threshold file has an alert on logins per second. The alert was incorrectly labeled as “logouts”. Fixed. Thank you to Andres Naranjo.
  • Threshold File Update: Excluded _Total from the Virtual Bytes analysis.
  • Threshold File Update: Fixed the Free System PTE description to reflect the current thresholds. Submitted by Dawn Cronin.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed duplicate process instances such as _Total from showing up in all of the Process object charts.
  • Overall progress bar: Add an overall progress bar for the analysis portion.
  • Bug Fix: Some of the .NET counter charts failed to generate due to the pound (#) symbol in the counter name. Fixed.

Check it out at:



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