Desktop Authority 7.5 now available

ScriptLogic today released Desktop Authority 7.5 with features to give you greater control over data security, desktop configurations and software management than ever before. Version 7.5 introduces USB and Port Security, an optional feature which locks down a desktop or notebook computer and prevents data theft using removable storage devices such as USB sticks, MP3 players or even recordable CD/DVDs. In addition, Desktop Authority can now automatically update and modify desktop configurations at regular “Refresh” intervals, or at logon or logoff.Another major enhancement in version 7.5 is an upgrade to Desktop Authority’s software deployment and management capabilities , now offering “point, click, done” deployment, updates and removal of software applications from enterprise desktops, and integration with Desktop Authority MSI Studio (formerly “Installer Design Studio”).

To experience the power of Desktop Authority 7.5, download the latest version today!

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