Q&A with Unitrends CEO Kevin Weiss

Q. What do you bring to Unitrends?

A. I have years of experience transforming fast-growing companies into sustainable industry leaders, and that is the exact goal I plan to accomplish with Unitrends. While leading companies like Xhibit Corp and McAfee, I developed extensive experience in setting corporate strategy and implementing the operational controls required to support that strategy. Add to that the managerial and leadership skills I’ve acquired over the years and my proven track record of success, and I’m confident, with the senior management team’s help, Unitrends will become a market leader data protection.

Q. What’s your vision for moving Unitrends further into the data protection solutions market?

A. There are several opportunities that I see right off the bat to further Unitrends in the data protection market. First, we plan to invest heavily in the channel, including recruiting new partners, and educating and training current partners. Second, we will focus on expanding internationally. Unitrends does have a worldwide presence already, but we now have an opportunity to transform its current success into triple digit growth rates. Third, we will enhance brand awareness and recognition by investing in marketing efforts to support this goal. Last, but not least, we will make employee training and certification a priority. Knowledgeable employees boost customer service, sales and the bottom line.

Q. Talk about your plan to help the company accelerate its domestic growth rate?

A. Investing in the channel, increasing brand awareness and prioritizing employee training will all help us accelerate our domestic growth rate. Additionally, we will maintain our laser focus on providing virtual, physical and cloud data protection offerings that make IT professionals’ lives easier. At the end of the day, that is how we know we are successful. We’ll also remain committed to delivering a superior customer experience. All of our products are backed by a customer support team that boasts a 98%+ satisfaction rating, and that’s just one part of the customer experience we deliver. 

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