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I had a nervous moment last night and this morning. I was setting up a POP 3 connector to connect from an SBS server to our main Exchange Server and download mail to a mailbox on the SBS server. I configured the POP3 connector and retrieved all the email messages. I watched as the email disappeared from one inbox. But it was never received on the SBS mailbox.

I looked in all the usual places for the missing email and couldn’t see any. So as a last ditch attempt, I decided to connect to the main Exchange Server mailbox using Outlook with a normal exchange connection. I made the DupsterAlwaysOn registry hack, as described in a previous post. This allows you to Recover deleted items from any folder in outlook, including the inbox. As the POP3 connector deletes the email in the process of the download, this meant that all the messages were available to be restored. What a result!

Follow these steps to setup the DupsterAlwaysOn value in the registery. Please note, this is done on the PC where outlook is installed, no settings are required on the Exchange Server.

1. Open up the Registry editor:

2. Click Start, run. Enter Regedt32 and click OK.

3. Navigate to the following entry:


4. Right click the Options folder, click New and then select DWORD Value. Enter the following details:

Value name: DumpsterAlwaysOn
Data type: DWORD
Value data: 1 :

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