Seagate: Lock It Up With Maxtor® BlackArmor™, Hardware Encrypted Storage Provides Government Grade Security for Consumers

LAS VEGAS-January 6, 2008-Extending its lead in providing solutions to protect business and personal data from loss or theft, Seagate Technology (NYSE: STX) today introduced at CES, the Maxtor® BlackArmor™ encrypting storage solution that provides AES government-grade encryption protection against unauthorized access to valuable and private information. The Maxtor BlackArmor solution is a 160GB portable storage device that delivers the confidence and reliability of robust security in a compact consumer-friendly design.

Designed for those who have valuable information they wish to keep secure and private, the new Maxtor BlackArmor product is an attractive, portable solution that provides unparalleled security for direct attached storage devices. Using Seagate Secure™ technology, Maxtor’s BlackArmor drive is designed to keep data locked up and protected in the event of loss or theft. Seagate Secure technology is a hardware-based encryption, making the encryption transparent to the user and free of complicated installation and use procedures required by software based security.

The Maxtor BlackArmor external storage solution uses a government-grade AES encryption certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to deliver the strongest commercially available data security available for external storage. The Maxtor BlackArmor product provides transparent, real-time encryption of all the data on the device, not just selected files; providing performance and ease of use advantages over manual software-based security controls. The BlackArmor product also puts all security keys and cryptographic operations within the device, delivering stronger protection against hacking and tampering than traditional software alternatives. The BlackArmor product’s key encryption technology can also securely wipe out the data for simple, cost-effective redeployment or disposal of the product – an important capability for organizations of all sizes.

The introduction of the Maxtor BlackArmor solution comes as growing reports of compromised computer information continue to alarm consumers, underscoring the growing need for storage solutions that provide security and privacy for personal information. Since January 2005, more than 215 million computer records have been compromised, many the direct result of a lost or stolen desktop or laptop system or hard drive, USB thumb drive, smart phone or CD, according to The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, a nonprofit consumer information and advocacy organization.

“Government regulations on organizations that manage confidential and personal information continue to get more stringent, making security of sensitive information a mission-critical requirement. As of January 2006, twenty-three states have enacted identity theft laws,” said John Ostlik, senior analyst of Information Security at Enterprise Strategy Group. “Unfortunately, this is a monumental set of tasks that organizations are faced with, when confidential data is created, copied, and stored across the enterprise at an ever-increasing rate from data center systems to desktop and mobile devices.”

“Maxtor storage solutions are focused on security and back up of your valued digital assets,” said Jon van Bronkhorst, executive director of Product Line Management for Maxtor Branded Solutions. “BlackArmor is an innovative new product that delivers on the promise of providing our customers with a level of security that is both reliable and robust, for a plug-and-play, easy-to-manage portable storage device.”

Maxtor® BlackArmor™ Storage Solution
Built for those who are serious about data protection, the elegantly designed BlackArmor external storage solution is a compact package weighing only 208g with dimensions of 131mm in length, 84mm wide and 16.5 mm depth. The BlackArmor product interfaces with the computer over a USB 2.0 connection. The product is expected to be widely available in a 160GB capacity in Q2 2008. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) is $149.99. Maxtor’s BlackArmor also includes the award-winning Maxtor Manager software suite from the popular OneTouch 4™ product family. The software includes capabilities such as automated back up and multiple computer synchronization.

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