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TMG isn’t the only security product that is going away and Microsoft isn’t the only company that’s discontinuing security products that companies depended on. Many of our readers have been using the Postini email security service and were not happy when Google recently announced end of life for that product. The good news is that one former member of the Forefront family – Exchange Online Protection (formerly FOPE) is still alive and well, and provides a solution for those who are looking for an alternative to Postini.

Embrace360 has helped deliver email security and protection solutions leveraging Microsoft Exchange Online Protection to organizations of all sizes worldwide. Embrace360 delivers an easy migration process and takes the pain out of moving away from Postini by developing a custom migration tool called Snapp360to assist in migrating key existing organization and end-user Postini rules over to Microsoft Exchange and Exchange Online Protection.

Migration considerations when moving from Postini include:

Transport Security – Customers are concerned about security of email messages in transport and may want to leverage Forced TLS scenarios.

Directory Synchronization –Helping to keep unwanted e-mail from reaching your directory through the use of user e-mail address list validation.

Policies Migration – Migration of existing organization spam filtering and policy filters already established in Postini

End user Safelist Migration – Exporting all the per-user safe lists from Postini

Attention should be paid to the policies and end user safelist migration process. It is recommended to start with clean state when implementing Microsoft Exchange Online Protection when first coming on board to monitor and create custom organization rules as needed. However if existing Postini end user safe sender and blocked sender lists are required and need to migrated, Snapp360 takes the pain out of this task, especially for large organizations. (for example, an organization with 20, 000 users where each user has a total of 15 safe sender and blocked sender entries in their lists, the total number of rules would be 300,000, which is a HUGE amount of rules to migrate).

Snapp360 is portable tool that can be used to synchronize key existing Postini end user and organization settings over to Exchange and Exchange Online Protection.

Snapp360 1.0 – Package includes 30 days of service for up to 1,000 users*
Snapp360 2.0 – Package includes 60 days of service for up to 1,001-3,000 users*
Snapp360 3.0 – Package includes 90 days of service for up to 3,000+ users*
*User subscriptions will automatically expire after term ends. Discounted and long-term renewals are available.

Click here to receive your specialized migration quote using the unparalleled technology of Snapp360.

How to Gather End User Settings from Postini:

To export end user settings from Postini, Snapp360 can take the user settings file export configuration and convert it for use. During migration from Postini to Microsoft Exchange Online Protection most customers only request that the end user whitelists and blacklists be transferred. Snapp360 will automate and streamline this process.

Embrace360 experts can work with you to complete this task and any other settings that you want transferred or Snapp360 is simple enough to use on your own.

A screenshot of the location where the user settings can be downloaded in Postini is shown below. This option is available in the “Org and Users” tab. After choosing an organization with the dropdown box, click on “Download Users/Settings” in the upper right. To export per-user settings from Postini, click on the “Download Users/Settings” as seen in the screenshot below.


Embrace360 was founded by Microsoft veterans and its stated mission is to provide the latest cloud technology services to small, medium and large businesses via the Microsoft technology platform. Get more info at

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