SQL Server 2014 Released to Manufacturing; Windows Azure HDInsight supporting Hadoop 2.2 Generally Available

Quentin Clark, corporate vice president of the Data Platform Group, announced that SQL Server 2014 has released to manufacturing and Windows Azure HDInsight supporting Hadoop 2.2 is now generally available. SQL Server 2014 delivers hybrid cloud enhancements that make it easy to extend your on-premises database environment to the cloud. HDInsight delivers incremental performance and data compression improvements while leveraging the power of YARN.

Windows Azure HDInsight is Microsoft’s 100 percent Apache Hadoop-based distribution forWindows Azure. It allows customers to dynamically provision Hadoop clusters to process data and leverage the elastic scale of Windows Azure. Customers can leverage their existing Windows Azure Blob storage or store data in the native Hadoop HDFS file system and dynamically provision Hadoop clusters to process data and leverage the elastic scale of Windows Azure.

Read the public preview announcement of Windows Azure HDInsight to learn what’s new including an order magnitude improvement to query response times (up to 40x) and data compression (up to 80%).

To get started with Windows Azure HDInsight with support for Hadoop 2.2, visit the documentation guide here.  We invite you to learn more through the following resources:

In addition to Windows Azure HDInsight, we also announced SQL Server 2014 is being released to manufacturing today. Customers will be able to download and purchase SQL Server 2014 when it is generally available, or subscribe to it as a virtual machine in Windows Azure on April 1, 2014.

SQL Server 2014 enables new hybrid scenarios for Windows Azure customers, including Backup to Windows Azure storage and the ability to set up a Windows Azure Virtual Machine as an AlwaysOn secondary, providing a cost-effective Cloud Disaster Recovery (DR) scenario with quick recovery time. An easy-to-use interface enables customers to automate Cloud Backup withManaged Backup to Windows Azure in SQL Server Management Studio. Managed Backup customizes a backup schedule based on database activity for maximum savings on storage and administration and minimum data loss.

We also announced that SQL Server Backup to Windows Azure Tool, a new tool that supports encrypted and compressed backups to Windows Azure for previous versions of SQL Server, will also be generally available April 1st.

Since SQL Server 2014 will also be generally available in a Windows Azure virtual machine on April 1st, customers can get mission-critical performance and in-memory technology working in minutes in the cloud. SQL Server 2014 contains a wizard for deploying a SQL Server database to a Windows Azure Virtual Machine, helping customers to achieve business results faster.

Get ready for the new, hybrid cloud scenarios across SQL Server and Windows Azure coming on April 1st with these resources:

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