Tech Immersion 2011 Slide Decks by Mike Pfeiffer

Are you interested in managing Exchange 2010 with PowerShell? What about Role Based Access Control (RBAC)? If you are, you’ll be glad to know that Mike Pfeiffer made his PowerPoint decks from the Tech Immersion 2011 event available to download.

Tech Immersion (ti2011) was a big success and I had a blast. Jeffery Snover gave a great keynote, and I even got a chance to sneak into sessions by Don Jones, Spike Xavier, Harold Wong, James Brundage, and Brian McCann — everyone did an amazing job. One of the coolest things was that the attendees really seemed to be having a good time. The sessions were interactive, people were asking great questions and there were some spur of the moment discussions that I think everyone enjoyed.

Below you’ll find links to the decks for my sessions. I’m not a big fan of death by PowerPoint, and my slides aren’t loaded with content, but I’ve included the scripts for all of my demos.

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