The Next Version of the ISA Firewall – the Forefront Threat Management Gateway – Now Available for Download

Last week I told you guys about “Stirling”, the sophisticated new technology that Microsoft will use to tie together all of the products that participate in the Forefront Security line of products, as well as some of Windows Server 2008 platform security technologies (such as NAP). I also provided a link to the Stirling download. However, one thing I didn’t make clear in the blog post was that part of the Stirling Package was the Beta 1 version of the new ISA Firewall, which is now named the Forefront Threat Management Gateway (or Forefront TMG or TMG).

I’ve downloaded and installed the TMG this week and there are a few interesting changes, and a couple of very nice new features! Remember, this is a Beta 1 release and that the product is far from complete. So if some of your favorite features aren’t included, don’t worry! They might be included in future Betas of the TMG. I tell you this because I don’t want you to judge the TMG’s feature set by what you see now and get disappointed. MS is listening to you and your feature requests and there’s a good chance that some of the features you want will be included in future versions.

You can download only the TMG bits, or you can download all of the Forefront products and test out Stirling.

The download link is at:



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