Tips on Getting ISA Firewall Alert Actions to Work

You can specify the following settings when configuring an alert to run a program when it is triggered:

  • Path location of the program.
  • Parameters required for running the program.
  • Credentials for running the program.

Note the following:

  • Use the Local Security Policy to configure user privileges.
  • If you specify an alert to run a program, the program path specified must exist on the ISA Server computer, and we recommend that you use an environment variable (such as %SystemDrive%) within the path name.
  • Be sure that the specified user has Logon as batch job privileges.
  • When the alert action is to execute a command, the path specified for the command action must exist on the ISA Firewall device. We recommend that you use environment variables (such as %SystemDrive%) within the path name.
  • Do not specify an interactive program that requires user input.

The new alert will appear in the list of alert definitions

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