Tom Shinder Hits 50K Posts on the Web Boards

I don’t know how I missed this – especially since Tom made such a big deal of it on his own blog last month ( – but I forgot to tell you all that last month Tom Shinder hit the 50,000 mark on the number of posts he’s made on the web boards.

Tom tells me it took him over ten years to achieve the feat – and that every minute of it was a labor of love. He honestly didn’t think he’d every make it to the 50K mark, and wondered aloud in a blog post a few years ago what he would do after he hit the 50K post. He tells me that he still isn’t sure what he’s going to do, but until he decides, he’s going to stay on with Microsoft as a Knowledge Engineer and IDA guy!

Congrats Tom! I knew you had in in you Smile



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