Tom, the ‘talkin Texan’ at TechEd Europe

My husband, Tom Shinder, whom many of you know as the former Chief Cook and Bottlewasher at ISASERVER.ORG, is now a principal writer and knowledge engineer with Microsoft’s SCD iX Solutions Group. That’s why you might not have seen him around as much these last couple of years. But this summer they unleashed him on TechEd North America and TechEd Europe.

He had a killer schedule at the latter, doing four presentations in four days. One of his main presentations at both conferences was Private Cloud Security Architecture: A Solution for Private Cloud Security, which he did in Orlando with Yuri Diogenes and then as a solo flight in Amsterdam. If your organization is considering building a private cloud, you know that security is one of the biggest obstacles you have to overcome. This is a great talk that covers the key issues you’ll face and how security in a private cloud environment is different from securing a traditional datacenter.


If you didn’t get to attend either conference, don’t despair. You can still watch it on MSDN’s Channel 9 web site at

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