UAG DirectAccess and Client Application Compatibility

As most of your are probably already aware – DirectAccess runs on a base of IPv6 networking. Not that you need to know anything about IPv6 to get started using UAG and DirectAccess; UAG takes all that IPv6 heavy lifting and puts all the pieces in place for you with little IPv6 muss or fuss on your part.

However, there is one area where you will need to get a little dirty with IPv6 – but it doesn’t really take much knowledge of IPv6 to deal with this issue – it has to do with client application compatibility and DirectAccess.

You see – while UAG takes care of IPv6 to IPv4 protocol translation for you when you’re running an IPv4 network or network services, the client side of the equation must be IPv6 aware. The reason for that is that the DirectAccess client is always talking IPv6 to the DirectAccess server. That means that while the server side of the solution doesn’t need to be IPv6 aware, the client side does.

That means you need to think about your client-side applications and how they’ll get along with DirectAccess.

To help you in this quest, Tom Shinder, the DirectAccess “Edge Man” has put together a useful blog post that will help you get started in qualifying your applications for DirectAccess.

Check out his post over at:



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