Update on IAG 2007 SP2 Availability

A few days ago I wrote about the recent announcement of the IAG 2007 SP2 offering. As a reminder, IAG 2007 introduces a number of feature improvements that are going to make existing ISA 2007 customers very happy. But the most significant aspect of the IAG 2007 SP2 release is that there will be a downloadable evaluation version that you can install and configure in your lab. This is going to allow thousands, even tens of thousands of Microsoft network admins the opportunity to test this fantastic software on their own terms (outside of the “clean room” environment of virtual labs where you don’t really know how it would act if you got to set it up from scratch).

When I wrote the blog post I didn’t know where you would find it when it becomes available. Since then I found out that you’ll be able to find it at the TechNet evaluation center at http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/evalcenter/default.aspx

The IAG 2007 SP2 bits aren’t up there yet, but I’ll let you know when they are. Once you have a chance to download these bits, make sure you return to the ISAserver.org Web site to see the step by step articles we’re famous for to help you get up and running on your IAG 2007 SP2 deployment.



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