Veeam’s Backup Academy is a one stop backup knowledge stop!

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Rick Vanover clued me in about a new service from Veeam called Backup Academy. Backup Academy was started as a way for Veeam to help administrators learn some of the ins and outs of backup as it relates to virtualization and the company has amassed an impressive stable of content providers to help them achieve this goal. Currently, Veeam has engaged such experts as’s own David Davis, Eric Siebert, Elias Knaser and Rick Vanover – among others – in their process. These backup and recovery experts provide video-based training intended to help you learn the ins and outs of virtual environment backup.

To test viewers mettle, Backup Academy complete with a quiz which, when mastered, results in a certification being granted. According to Veeam, the Backup Academy certification “acknowledges the recipient’s proficiency in virtual machines’ backup technologies and best practices.”

Backup and recovery, while not the most glamorous aspect of IT, are among the most critical tasks undertaken by staff. Without a deep understanding how backups work, the kind of hardware and performance requirements that are necessary for successful backup and different methods by which data can be protected are just some of the important knowledge points that backup administrators really need to have in order to be successful. Once you add virtualization into the mix – whether it’s VMware, Microsoft or Citrix – the level of complexity and the options at disposal explode, requiring new knowledge and new ways of thinking. Backup Academy is an accessible way by which backup administrators can hone their craft and prove their knowledge.

Veeam’s goal is to keep adding content expertise to Backup Academy in order to make it a one-stop backup and recovery knowledge and certification shop, so keep checking the site for new content and expert additions.

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