Verizon Cloud Outage

Verizon’s new cloud solution went down a few days ago for almost two days. While this outage seems excessive, Verizon is reporting that it went down in part due to upgrades that will allow them to seamlessly upgrade in the future (ironically without excessive outages). While it was probably smart to do this maintenance while the solution is still young, many folks aren’t pleased with the way they communicated with their customers and the public in general, which is to say there was a severe lack of communication.

Many people know that they’re taking a risk when they choose to only go with one cloud vendor, but the expense of having multilple cloud vendors for high availability is often too much for most customers. Though I’m not a customer of Verizon, I think they’ll need to up their game a bit if they want to compete with the likes of Amazon and Google cloud solutions. Of course, we can probably find outages for all the main cloud providers. I guess the lesson is simple, make sure to assess the risk with whatever data you decide to put in the public cloud.

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