Windows 2000 Making a Dial-Up Connection

After we defined and configured the Dial-up connection, we are ready to make the connection:

(User name and password are displayed, because I have requested this in the properties,
allowing me to verify/modify. This is important, when loging on to Windows 2000 as
different user, where Windows 2000 allows you to use this Dial-up connection, but puts in by default its OWN username !)

It displayed the Dial-progress

then the Verification of Username
and password

and then you are connected !
I prefer to place the Checkmark,
so that I do not have to click
on OK on future connections.

The icon for the connection
become colored and
the icon in the taskbar
displays the connection status

Also the Windows
Networking and Dial-up
” shows the status
(and if you have no icon in
the taskbar to terminate the
connection,click here again on
the connection icon)

When right-clicking on the icon
in the taskbar, the option “Status
displays additional information

tab: General
– connection duration
– connection Speed
– amount of data transferred

tab: Details
display of some values of TCP/IP
(more information can be listed
by running “
command-prompt window)

The quickest method to
terminate a connection :
right-click on the icon in
the Taskbar and select “Disconnect”
A last confirmation window,
then the connection is terminated.

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