Week 7 Link Dump

Members of the notorious LulzSec hacking gang have been sent to jail:


Who was Avunit? LulzSec chatroom logs obtained and published by the Guardian in June 2011 show that there was a sixth member:


A man who used his IT expertise to launch cyber-attacks on the websites of Oxford and Cambridge universities has been jailed for two year:


It has emerged that more than 25,000 cyber-attacks were carried out against Essex County Council in the past year:


Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano said that a system being developed to scan Internet traffic headed toward critical businesses would block attacks on software programs that the general population does not realize are possible:


Google is integrating Gmail with Google Wallet so that users can send payments as a mail attachment, even if the recipient doesn’t have a Gmail address:


Over 150,000 computers, most of them belonging to Australian users, have been infected with this malware since 2012 and were added to a botnet that Group-IB researchers have dubbed “Kangaroo” or “Kangoo,” after a kangaroo logo used on the command-and-control server’s interface:


Are Cyber-Weapons Effective? – Assessing Stuxnet’s Impact on the Iranian Enrichment Programme:


What might the “post-APT” threat landscape look like? Some ideas for anticipating the future:


For more than two years, the Linux operating system has contained a high-severity vulnerability that gives untrusted users with restricted accounts nearly unfettered “root” access over machines:


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