Week 8 Link Dump

CPNI has launched six short, animated films that convey key personnel security messages:


Cyber security expert Eugene Kaspersky says cyber ‘hactivists’ the greatest threat at next year’s G20 Summit:


The Former CIA Officers, Analysts, and Intelligence Professionals Who You Should Be Following on Twitter:


Military strategies and tactics that may work in the physical world do not have a place in guiding “cyberwarfare”, and those that attempt to use them demonstrate a key lack of understanding:


Iranian-backed hackers have escalated a campaign of cyberassaults against U.S. corporations by launching infiltration and surveillance missions against the computer networks running energy companies:


Using automated hacking tools, NSA cyberspies pilfer 2 petabytes of data every hour from computers worldwide……:


The bad news is most IT security professionals haven’t developed the necessary skills to communicate effectively with non-technical executives:


This paper will dig into the seedy underbelly of the phishing trade, starting with an explanation of how large-scale phishers operate:


Identify Back Doors in Firmware By Using Automatic StringAnalysis:


Malware Similarity and Clustering Made Easy:


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