What do you consider to be a “private cloud”?

The term “cloud” is bandied about today much like the term “Internet” was at the turn of the century. Add “Internet” in the name of any product and it was an instant hit. Anyone want “Internet Cheerios” for breakfast? Sign me up! And, by the way, here’s a gob of cash from a venture capitalist to go along with the milk in your Internet Cheerios.

I feel today that we’re at the same place with “cloud” but like it or not, it’s a marketing term that’s here to stay. What I wonder is what my readers feel constitutes a private cloud. Is a private cloud simply the next phase of the traditional data center or is it something more, something less or something altogether different? Is a private cloud simply not possible since “cloud” implies outsourcing? Or, is the data center of tomorrow going to simply have “cloud-like” features that will enable the business to internally adopt solutions where appropriate and use the public cloud for those that make sense?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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