What’s New in UAG Beta 2

image What’s new in UAG beta 2? Lots!

Check this out:

  • Improved software installation routine that installs all pre-requisites on Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit
  • Deploy wizard gets you up and running with settings that get you connected fast
  • New roles and permissions to delegate administration
  • Array support to enable configure once, deploy policy to all array members
  • NLB support allows you to create a highly available SSL VPN gateway array
  • Comprehensive support for DirectAccess, making UAG a one-stop shop for any DirectAccess deployment
  • Option to use NAP as the endpoint security mechanism while still allowing you to use UAG endpoint detection for downlevel clients
  • Endpoint detection for non-MS operating systems and support for non-IE browsers
  • SSTP! One of my favorite features 🙂
  • Web farm load balancing that allows you to publish a farm of Web servers located behind the UAG array – great option for firms who need to control costs and don’t want to sink money into a dedicated hardware load balancer
  • New Exchange publishing options – support for RPC/HTTP publishing, streamlined OWA access and ability to make UAG transparent to OWA users
  • AAM support for SharePoint publishing
  • MS CRM 4.0 support
  • Integrated TSG gateway – no need to deploy a second server for TSG
  • Application publishing for internal users
  • Major improvements end user experience for mobile clients, such as smart phones
  • Updated portal experience providing a modern look and feel
  • KCD infused single sign on
  • Extended AD support so that all available DCs can be used for authentication
  • SQL server logging

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