What’s Up with MDOP 2009 R2

It’s all about Windows 7 – that’s what MDOP 2009 R2 is all about.image

If you’re not already in on “the know” – MDOP is short for the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack – a collection of very cool and useful tools – the most important ones being related to virtualization:

  • App-V – used for application streaming, isolation and virtualization
  • MED-V – used to manage virtualized desktop containers (client side virtual machines – a DVC environment)

A couple of things worth mentioning:

  • This version of MED-V is just called “MED-V” – some folks have been calling it MED-V7, which is not correct
  • This version of App-V is just called “App-V” – some folks have been calling it App-V7, which is not correct

Also, the client side hypervisor used in Windows 7 is called Windows Virtual PC – it is not called VPC7. In fact, VPC7 has been out for quite a while and is actually an Apple Mac application. VPC7 will not work on Windows 7.

Note that the version of MED-V that will support Windows 7 will come out in first quarter of 2010, and it will be called MED-V 1.0 SP1.

For more information on all the good stuff that MDOP 2009 R2, check out this blog post from the MDOP blog over at:




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