Why has Microsoft’s focus shifted away from security?

Several people have mentioned it to me over the last year or two: for a while there, Microsoft was all about security. I remember how they had a slide with a gorgeous layered mapping of all their security products and security technologies that was really impressive. A few years back, the Security teams were front and center and security-oriented products such as Forefront Client Security, ISA/TMG, etc. were high profile. Now, not so much.

This article asks “Where was security at Microsoft WPC?” The Worldwide Partner Conference was held in Toronto last week, and security appeared to be taking a backseat to cloud, Office/Office 365 and mobile computing. Interestingly, the cloud and mobile devices present some of the biggest security concerns to today’s IT professionals.

But does the lack of specific emphasis on security mean that Microsoft is abandoning its trustworthy computing pledge – or does it mean they’ve accomplished the goals of that program and security is now so firmly entrenched in the products that it doesn’t need to be “called out” as a special focus?  What do you think?

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