Will Hyper-V 3 dethrone VMware? Give your opinion.

It’s known that Hyper-V 3 is going to add a ton of features that are desperately needed unless Microsoft wants to relegate Hyper-V to “has-been” status.  What’s not well-known is what will happen in the market when these features hit the pavement.  Will it impact the virtualization race at all?  Will these features be compelling enough that a critical mass of businesses will make the decision to forgo VMware in favor of Hyper-V?

Personally, I believe that Microsoft will give VMware a run for its money.  That said, I believe that the bundling of the System Center products will actually hurt Microsoft’s Hyper-V efforts as the cost to small business is not as achievable as it once was.

Let me know what you think in the comments section.  I’d love to hear your opinion and understand why you feel one way or another.

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