Windows 10 Tech Preview – Issues with Mouse

I have a Lenovo Yoga 2 that I use as my personal computer. I upgraded to the Windows 10 Tech Preview a couple months ago and everything seemed to go well. It didn’t even erase all my stuff as previous Tech Previews had. I liked the new start menu, and it seemed to work well with the touch screen. However, it ran an update automatically and all of a sudden I lost my mouse pointer.

I was on the most recent driver and everything seemed fine in the device panel and control panel. I could tell that the mouse was Xd out in the system tray, but the shortcut keys that were meant to enable and disable it just wouldn’t work. I ended up doing a full recovery on the system and putting it back on Windows 8.1 because no one seemed to know the answer. So, buyer beware. Make sure you have a backup or some other recovery option before trying out the Tech Preview.

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