Office Compatibility Pack

The so many happy users of Microsoft Office XP, 2003 and older versions are unable to work with documents, workbooks and presentations created by the newer versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint in their native format. More and more users are going for the latest versions of Microsoft Office and Microsoft’s revenue statistics confirm this as Office is the most sold product for Microsoft in the last quarter! Users running the latest versions can opt to save files in the previous format as to make them compatible with previous versions, however, many users skip this step if they do not intend to share these files. Users of older versions can still open these files if they download and install a compatibility pack for Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

The compatibility pack allows you to open, edit and save files that were created in newer versions of Office and therefore, you can keep your older version while getting that extra functionality! Before, going for this pack make sure that you read the prerequisites as users of Office XP and 2003 need to install all high priority updates before the pack and there are some restrictions with documents containing complex scripts. To read more about the pack and download the setup file go here.


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