About the Windows XP Addon Downloads from Microsoft ( JAVA support, PowerToys/TweakUI)

Java Support :
The Internet Explorer , as delivered on the Windows XP installation CD-ROM, is able to
execute JavaScripts, but does NOT include support for Java Applets. You may find that out,
when some websites will not display anymore properly when browsing them.
To be able to run JAVA applications in Windows XP you have to download the
Microsoft Virtual Machine , which is not anymore available as a seperate download,
but now bundled into the first Service Pack SP1 for Windows XP .

If you prefer not to install the Microsoft ServicePack 1 for XP
or if you prefer a smaller download, then you can download
and install the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) from Sun:
(approx. 10 Mbyte download )

Service Pack 1 :
The ServicePack 1 for Windows XP (Professional and Home edition) can be downloaded via
http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/pro/downloads(link valid on Oct 27, 2002)
If you select the “Network Installation” to be able to download the SP1 and to apply it
to multiple XP system, be aware : the download is 134 MByte !

TweakUI :
Like for previous versions of Windows, Microsoft offers for download the
PowerToys, which include TweakUI :
– goto the to Microsoft Website www.microsoft.com , select the “Download” link,
– in the section “Search for a Download”, select :

Search using : Keyword Search
Operating System : Windows XP

then click on the button “Find it”, which will then show as search result the PowerToys :

I downloaded and installed “TweakUI”.
Unlike older versions of Tweakui, which have an applet in the Control-Panel, TweakUI for XP
is located in the Windows Start-menu : “Programs” / “PowerToys for Windows XP

Example : display the display of the Balloon-Tips of the taskbar
– select on the tree-view on the left : Taskbar
– deactivate in the left section “Settings” the Balloon tips

Note : although the PowerToys are Microsoft software, you will NOT get any support
for this nice tool from Microsoft.

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