New Windows Server Remote Desktop web client now generally available

Microsoft recently announced the general availability of the Remote Desktop web client for Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2019 Preview.

The first release of this web client includes a core set of features that can help IT provide a simple and consistent cross-platform solution for end users who don’t require the more advanced features of a native client. Here’s some more information about the available features and how to make use of this new offering.

Remote Desktop web client features

With the new Remote Desktop web client, you can currently access desktops and apps published through a feed. It also includes single sign-on, audio output, the ability to print to PDF files, full screen and dynamic resolution options, copy/paste text options and shortcuts, support for keyboard and mouse input, and 18 different languages that have been localized. Support is currently available on Edge, IE11+, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers on desktop platforms including Windows, MacOS, Chromebook, and Linux.

How to get started

If you’re interested in getting started with the new web client, you can add it to an existing Remote Desktop Services deployment side by side with the RDWeb role by using a few PowerShell cmdlets. These tools are meant to make it easy for you to deploy, configure, and maintain the web client. Microsoft has installation instructions available on its website to give you more information about the new PowerShell cmdlets that are available in the gallery. There, you can also find an overview of the web client and how it will work for end users.

Microsoft is also collecting input from users about the Remote Desktop web client as they try to finalize and improve it moving forward. So if you try it out and have thoughts are suggestions, you can also find a suggestion box on the company’s site to vote for new features that you want to see included or add new options.

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