Application Security

Check that checksum: Validate media files with PowerShell

When downloading files from the Internet, especially ISO files, what you see may not be what you get. Be safe:…

2 months ago

Cisco issues critical patches for Data Center Network Manager

According to multiple security advisories from Cisco, two critical patches were released for vulnerabilities in the Data Center Network Manager.…

3 months ago

Mozilla patches ‘type confusion’ zero-day exploit in Firefox

A “type confusion” zero-day can be dangerous. Firefox users should read on to see why, and more important, make sure…

4 months ago

The process for assessing and managing website vulnerabilities

Sponsored by NetsparkerEven on a secure network, vulnerabilities may be lurking on your website. But before you can fix these…

4 months ago

Lockwise: Mozilla’s better Firefox password manager — or is it?

Mozilla is rebranding and overhauling its Firefox password protection service into something called Lockwise. Are its motives entirely pure?

4 months ago

Tap30 ride-hailing app experiences major data leaks

Users of the popular Iranian ride-hailing app Tap30 may be safe, but their drivers are another story after a potentially…

5 months ago

Google adds better protection against man-in-the-middle attacks

Google is ramping up its security protections to better ward off man-in-the-middle attacks, which have caused extreme damage over the…

6 months ago

It’s not just you: Avoiding third-party security vulnerabilities

Even a robust security strategy may leave an opening for attackers: Third-party security vulnerabilities are not often considered, but they…

6 months ago

DHS warns of vulnerability in Medtronic medical devices

While patients should continue to use their Medtronic products as prescribed, they should also be aware of this newly found…

6 months ago

WordPress plugin Social Warfare removed due to major vulnerability

Do you use the popular WordPress Social Warfare plugin? You might want to stop for now — a major security…

6 months ago